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We offer a unique service for soaring your business. With preparing elaborate report about your business, we draw and support your future path.


We offer complete media coverage for your event or product launch. We can get you featured in all media channels and make sure that your event is remembered.


We are a cutting-edge blockchain technology company offering a wide range of services, including cryptocurrency and play-to-earn projects.


We use innovative marketing technology powered by AI to help you find and engage your most valuable customers. 


Sir Unique LLC is a leading software development company having expertise in developing blockchain-based applications.


We are a team of designers, developers and content writers who work together to create the best user experience for your project. We are passionate about providing solutions that are not only functional but also enjoyable.

The Most Connected Platform
The Most Connected
Platform in TV and Digital

Sir Unique is the official marketing partner of Seo Robot — the world’s first fully automated, AI-powered SEO assistant and programmatic advertising platform. Harnessing the power of big data, Sir Unique provides real-time, on-site optimization for entire web pages — eliminating the need for expensive SEO and marketing experts.

Benefit from one-to-one strategy planning support, bypass hidden costs and exorbitant agency fees, and provide effective digital marketing services to your own customers. Access over 80 ad networks. Reach audiences in over 200 countries, with geo-targeted advertising at the city or region-level, right down to DMA, postal, or ZIP code.

Your time to launch is just two minutes.

An All-in-One Media Assistant to
Reboot Your Business Model
Unlike other platforms, you receive detailed audience reports and use of comparison tools to understand what’s
making your customers tick.


We plow through 3 billion keywords and a database of over 600 million SERP (search engine results pages) at a low latency of just 0.1ms. Seo Robot matches this data with the ad network partner’s data, which makes hyper-targeted advertising possible.

Cross-Platform Ads

Seo Robot helps you to easily run hyper-targeted advertising on major networks like CNN, Bloomberg, FOX, Discovery Channel, Amazon, eBay, and other web, social media, and TV platforms — with a minimum spend of just $50.

We work with over 25,000 audience behavioral demographic and psychographic targeting segments, including
lookalike audiences to maximize your ROI. This is enterprise-level technology at SMB prices.

Tired of lagging behind the competition? Sir Unique helps you reach the front of the pack.
The Most Connected Platform
Advertising for the New

Over 50% of website traffic comes from search engines. More than ever before, consumers are relying on the internet to find products and services. Business owners are looking for ways to enhance their online presence and attract more customers. However, when running a social media campaign, it’s difficult to measure ROI. The costs quickly mount with agency and intermediary commissions, monthly advertising management fees, contracts, and hidden additional charges all playing their part.

Now, Sir Unique helps you to reach your audience directly and without complication. Automate SEO and programmatic ads on websites, mobile apps, TV, and social media platforms including Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Need improved visibility into your advertising efforts? Sir Unique helps you to measure, improve, and scale. 

Best-In-Class Features Across the
Advertising Ecosystem

On the other hand, Seo Robot is designed for brands and agencies that are accelerating through digital marketing. It
is the most effective solution to announce your message and highlight your brand to your target audience. Our
features enable you to:

Leverage the power of Sir Unique’s select partners around the world.

Use your entire budget without being interrupted by commissions on all platforms.

Automatically optimize and report ads, with protection against bot clicks.

Run an unlimited number of advertising campaigns on all social media.

Publish ads to a worldwide TV audience at the same cost as Facebook advertising.

Place your brand in first-class ad spaces in the most cost-effective and priority way.

The bottom line is that it’s a mistake to go to town on advertising budgets without paying close attention to ad
optimization. That way, you risk burning money. Ecom brands with annual revenue between $500K-$20M can achieve
results with Sir Unique in just days. Are you ready to elevate ROAS to the highest levels you’ve seen?

Allow our machine to optimize ad budgets across different funnel stages and channels on your behalf. Spend less
time and energy on ad account management, and switch your focus to creative planning. Sir Unique is like having the
world’s highest-performing media buyer at your fingertips.
What Our Customer Says For Us

Automate campaign management. Automate growth.

“Seo Robot has been a great help to me and my company. The functions that it offers are helpful in maximizing ROI and I would strongly recommend it to any online marketer looking to increase conversion rates. It’s also very affordable which is perfect for startups! “

Melvin L.

“If you are looking for a SEO tool, you can’t find a better one than Seo Robot. I am not an SEO expert myself, but this tool does all the heavy lifting for me. It is just about the most intuitive and easy to use of all the tools that I have tried. “

Jeremy M.

“It has a great interface that is easy enough for me and my team to use. I especially like the idea of having one software package that can be used across all of our marketing campaigns and products. “

Anna T.

“We have been using Seo Robot for two years. It has really helped us to be in the top position of Google. We used to spend a lot of money on PPC Ads, but now with Seo Robot and our SEO strategy, we also get organic traffic as well. “

Felix T.

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Sir Unique, LLC is a corporation , located in US, that offers unique and high quality services all over the world. We get our unique power from our excellent team and valuable partners. In recent years, we have used this unique power to the new decentralized technologies. With Merge of our unique power and upcoming technologies, we achieved many impressive projects.

We are able to draw your whole branding process whatever your business type. Firstly, our high quality team analyze what kind of you had taken actions before.

According to this analysis report, we offer the best strategy for whole branding of your business


We really love what we do & our work on every project truly reflects that.

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Sir Unique is an absolutely brilliant platform. Being able to
broaden my advertising audience pool through their AI-
based audience generation system has proven
invaluable for scaling my brand.

Jeremy M.

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